Old Oppos UK - get reunited with old forces comrades
Old Oppos UK - get reunited with old forces comrades
Old Oppos UK - get reunited with old forces comrades
Old Oppos UK - get reunited with old forces comrades

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OldOppos - Get reunited with old army, raf, royal navy, marines and forces friends
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Comradeship is quite unique, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Young men and women from different backgrounds sharing a small space that is the military billet, friendships were more intense though fleeting.

One regret shared by many servicemen and women is that they failed to keep in touch with their buddies on their return to civilian life.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion; those comrades are now vague faces receding in to memory – faces whose names have long been forgotten. Even the photos of years ago cannot bring back the names of those that meant so much to us. What happened to all the friends we once new?

Oldoppos.co.uk is special because it helps you find an old friend, and provides a link of friendship between the serving and the retired, the young and old. It’s not a contact website for old comrades, not a reunion website for old Comrades, not an association of old comrades. It is not any of these things; it is all of them and more.

I believe there is a certain core spirit within the British Armed Forces.  A certain heart and spirit common with all our fighting men and women. So with your support this will become the primary contact site for oldoppos. As long as you and your old mates know what ship, regiment, squadron or unit to look for the chances of organising a reunion or contacting each other are extremely high. You can also enter their name in our search page and the system will search for matching records. If you find a match, you can contact them via the website, and they can choose whether to contact you or not. You can also enter your details on the relevant unit page so people can find you. Your email address will not be divulged to anyone, and you can amend or remove your details whenever you wish.

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Your friends could be online now and it’s free to join so why wait? This site represents a new way for you to accomplish a long time mission…….. Finding OldOppos.


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