Hi. I'm Mike Peel and I'm an amateur historian.

Like many people in my generation I went through National Service, spent mainly in what was then the Crown Colony of Hong Kong. it was a huge change from my previous life, working in a small engineering shop! Life was tough at times (discipline then was a lot stricter than it seems to be now, and the idea of women serving on the front line was just not considered) but times have changed. Whether this is for the better or not I couldn't say, but I have my own views.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time in 'The Mob' and it gave me a love of adventure that I have kept to this day.

I came across this website in late 2021 when it was about to be deleted. I felt that there were memories in it that were worth preserving and so I set about rebuilding it. Sadly a lot of the fragments I was able to piece together were either incomplete or corrupted but I have done my best.

If it help bring back memories of those of us who served in Britain's armed forces, or their friend of relations; or kindles an interest in others to discover a little more about the experiences of people of our generation, then it will be a task woth doing.

If you wish to comment, submit more material or simply have a chat you can contact me at